Fuchs Electronics  


Reunert Reutech


The Fuchs family crest motto, which translated from Latin reads " Let him who deserves it win the prize", remains evident in the company still bearing the founder's name: Fuchs Electronics.

The company was brought to life in December 1963, by a pioneer of the South African electrical and electronic industry, Dr. CJ Fuchs, who began his working life at the age of 12 as a plumber. His fierce spirit of independence and will to move forward saw Dr. CJ Fuchs emerge as a captain of South African industry with world wide interests.

Fuchs Electronics is constantly involved in new ventures and remains an early starter in several major technology niches in South Africa and the world.

Some worthy of mention are:

  • 1963
    • Maintenance of Mirage Combat Aircraft Radars.
  • 1965 - 1969
    • Development of VHF radios for the locally manufactured Impala jet trainer/fighter aircraft.
  • 1968
    • Took up the challenge to infuse imported technology on Naval Proximity Fuzes for 4 inch and 4.5 inch Naval Guns.
  • 1968 - 1973
    • Appointed prime contractor for the integrated Maritime Communications Systems between Naval Operations Command and the East and West Coast Commands.
  • 1971 - 1985
    • Manufacture and installation of some 2 000 VHF Systems in air force aircraft and naval vessels.
  • 1975 - 1985
    • Communication activities were expanded to include manpack and mobile tactical radios which used frequency hopping technology, of which more than 10 000 were manufactured. These products were the first frequency hopping radios in the world to see battlefield action.
  • 1975
    • Took up the challenge to meet the urgent need for a locally produced artillery proximity fuze as a result of the Angolan Conflict.
  • 1978
    • Became the only known Fuze manufacturer that has supplied the total family of ordnance, namely artillery, rocket, mortar and naval Fuzes. The added advantage the products gave South African Forces in combat are well recorded in authoritative publications.
  • 1985
    • The communications and maintenance business was consolidated within Reutech to sister companies, Fuchs became a 100% fuzing company.
  • 1974 - 2009
    • Fuchs has already produced and delivered over 2 million electronic fuzes to local and international users.

Fuchs Electronics is widely respected for innovation and excellence as a designer and manufacturer of electronic ordnance fuzes and remains at the forefront of advanced fuze technology.