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Multi-option mortar fuze produces excellent results during lot acceptance done at Armscor’s Alkantpan test range

November 2014

The M0829A1 multi-option mortar fuze is the flagship in the range of mortar fuzes on offer from Reutech Fuchs Electronics. The fuze garnered outstanding results at a lot acceptance test firing for an export 81mm mortar ammunition order that saw Point Detonation, low and high burst Proximity testing done. Testing was done in the Northern Cape at the Alkantpan test range, a world-class testing facility that is managed by Armscor, the armaments corporation of South Africa.

Fuchs started the development of the M0829 in 2008 and the fuze was qualified in 2010. The first orders were placed in the subsequent two years that followed, by some of our customers for their own qualification testing on their systems.

This lot acceptance marks Fuchs' first major order for this newly developed multi-purpose mortar fuze and was delivered into the European market. The customer was elated with the results as they witnessed the acceptance in sweltering heat under the Prieska sun.

Fuchs is committed to delivering dependable fuze technology into top-class products for the ever evolving defence industry that ensures your equipment meets the desired effect.

Some technical information on the M0829


The M0829 Fuze has four operational modes which are settable using the mode selector switch incorporated in the fuze nose.

  • Proximity high (Nominal 5m burst height)
  • Proximity low (Nominal 2m burst height)
  • Point detonation (PD)
  • Delay (PDD) of 30 milliseconds
  • Point Detonation Super Quick action serves as a backup to the time function.


  • Mechanical safety of 60 meters minimum

Electronic safety

  • No fire threshold of 1 second and a Apex sensor that inhibits the Proximity mode till after the apex of the flight path

Compliant with

  • MIL-STD-331 -- Fuze and Fuze Component, Environmental and Performance Tests
  • MIL-STD-1316 -- Fuze Design Safety Criteria
  • STANG 2916 -- Nose Fuze Contours and matching Projectile Cavities
  • STANAG 4157 -- Fuzing Systems: Test Requirement for Assessment of Safety and Suitability for Service
  • STANAG 4187 -- Fuzing Systems: Safety Design Requirements
  • ISO 9001:2000 -- Quality Management System