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Products :: Pre-fragmented Aircraft Weapons

Pre-fragmented Aircraft Weapons are available for various applications and are suitable as a replacement for steel general purpose weapons when the superior fragmentation effect is desired for particular targets. The weapons are type qualified on various aircraft.

The pre-fragmented Aircraft weapons enhances the mission achievements, reducing the number of sorties, delivery time and therefore minimising potential loss of Aircraft.

MK 80 Series Pre-fragmented Shrapnel Aircraft Weapons

The Pre-fragmented MK80 series shrapnel aircraft weapons are made for use on all aircraft pylons qualified for the MK series weapons. Provision is made for NATO and WARSAW pylon configurations

The bomb contains a number of pre-formed fragments and produces a fragment density of up to 7 times of the equivalent steel ammunition. It is designed for use with high-performance combat aircraft.

The pre-fragmented weapon is used with proximity fuzes to improve the shrapnel effect on the target.