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Technology :: Production

Fuchs Electronics has a total of 30 000m2 under roof, and has consolidated its manufacturing facilities to core capabilities. Sub-contractors manufacture components and sub-assemblies to Fuchs designs. The company maintains considerable technical know-how in its configuration department where all relevant documentation regarding designs, manufacturing processes and finished product records are kept.

Several key component manufacturing and assembly processes are maintained on Fuchs's premises as part of the manufacturing cycle, as the constant vigilance of the trained and dedicated production team ensure that only the highest quality key components are incorporated into the fuze. These processes include the manufacture of all power supplies (turbines and reserve batteries) and all turbine type fuze Safe and Arm Devices.

Due to the competence of sub-contractors available to Fuchs both locally in South Africa and internationally, items which can be sourced and manufactured outside of the factory premises are sub-contracted out.

The Final Assembly and Test facility is where the integration of all sub-contracted components and sub-assemblies takes place and where each sub-assembly is inspected and tested on in-house designed and manufactured equipment. Once a sub-assembly has passed a test it is further assembled, inspected and tested. Fuchs manufacturing philosophy is that each testable sub-assembly must be tested to the greatest extent before it is assembled to the next stage, which in effect reduces losses of expensive assemblies late in the manufacturing cycle.

Encapsulation of the electronic assemblies to harden them against the extreme physical forces to be endured during launch conditions is a key process, and after encapsulation the fuze is again tested prior to delivery to the explosive assembly area. The fuze (and it's sub-assemblies) test results are captured on the company's network for record purposes.

The fitting of the explosive train with the associated Safe and Arm Device to the fuze is also performed at Fuchs, and an X-Ray record of the safety status of the fuze is kept.

The record keeping is of such a standard that the location of a particular fuze from a particular Lot can be narrowed down to the position of the fuze within a numbered box, and that fuze's test results can be examined at will.