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Technology :: Research & Development

Over a number of years, a series of reliable fuze building blocks that cover a wide range of requirements and environments have been designed and qualified.

An experienced development team is able to combine reliable designs to meet the spectrum of customer ordnance to achieve a high level of commonality and interchangeability. This enables efficient product development to satisfy customer needs at much reduced timescale, lower design and production costs and simplified logistics.

The design team is continually improving the building blocks as required. These building blocks consist of the following technologies:

  • Signal Processing
  • Radio Frequency Antenna
  • Power Supplies, both Turbines and Reserve Batteries
  • Encapsulation
  • Explosive Trains
  • Safe and Arm Device
  • Packaging
  • Fuze Test
  • Fuze Assembly
  • Telemetry and Data Recording
  • Field Trial