About Us

Fuchs Electronics, a South African based company specialising in electronic fuzes since the early 1970's, is recognised and globally respected for its innovation and excellence as a supplier of electronic fuzes for various types of ordnance.


Fuchs Electronics has a total of 30 000m2 under roof, and has consolidated its manufacturing facilities to core capabilities. Sub-contractors manufacture components and sub-assemblies to Fuchs designs.

Electronic Fuze Solutions

Fuchs is regarded as design and manufacturing authority of Electronic fuzes for tube-launched ammunition as well as AW fuzes. The Company is experienced in and prepared to transfer technology or manufacturing capabilities to suitable clients. The process may include transfer of production know-how through documentation, the training of key personnel and supply of bespoke test and assembly equipment. Fuchs has gained considerable experience in joint ventures.

Research & Development

An experienced development team is able to combine reliable designs to meet the spectrum of customer ordnance to achieve a high level of commonality and interchangeability. This enables efficient product development to satisfy customer needs at much reduced timescale, lower design and production costs and simplified logistics.


Fuchs Electronics is ISO9001:2015 certified.
All fuze designs comply to MIL-STD-1316D and STANAG 4187 Design Safety requirements.